Project Description
MVC Central is a web portal for everything MVC regardless of programming language or flavors. The site is scheduled to launch before the end of 2009.

This initial application is a number of useful helpers for MVC, but some can be used for ASP.NET webforms applications also.

MVC Central intends to be the single location on the web for anything MVC. Members will be able to post articles on MVC, upload video tutorials, even post open source applications. This will be a 100% community driven portal. The thought is to consolidate information on MVC to one location.

If you are an MVC developer and have written blog articles and tutorials on your site, you can still join MVC Central and post a short article that discusses your articles and then simply add a link to your blog or web site. There's no need to re-post all your information. We're just trying to make it easy for developers to find information.

At this moment we have just created a small C# project that can be referenced in any ASP.NET MVC application and has some Html Helper, extension methods and more.

The MVCCentral.Framework application contains a number of different ASP.NET MVC HtmlHelpers and extension methods, but also some classes that can be used in ASP.NET WebForms applications.

Some of the classes include:
  • Generic String Extensions
  • Generic Logger based on my SimpleLogger found at
  • Mvc Extensions
    • Fyneworks Stars Rating HtmlHelper
    • Gravatar HtmlHelper
  • DesignByContract classes
  • FileSizing extension methods

We intend to add to this over time with helpful widgets for MVC. So stay tuned.

And keep an eye on MVC, we hope to launch before the end of November 2009.

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